Devil’s Challenge 666km

Devil's Challenge 666km



supercalifragilisticexpialidocious run

8-day stage race of 666 km or a shortened course of 4 stages in beautiful terrain and attractive places in northern Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Date: 1st – 8th June 2024


  • 8 stages – 666 km
    • individuals – male/female
    • pairs (handover after each stage) – male/female/mix
    • 3-person relay (handover after each stage) – male/female/mix
  • 4 stages – 5th to 8th stage
    • individuals – male/female
    • pairs (handover after each stage) – male/female/mix

Start locations: first stage Mělník, second to seventh stages Hamr na Jezere, eighth stage mass transfer from Hamr by bus to Houska castle

Event centre: Hamr na Jezeře (for all stages)

Route: The individual stages will take you to Kokořínsko, the Mácha region, the Lužické mountains, the Ještěd ridge or to the Bohemian Paradise. The final 8th stage is the same as the 66.6 km track of the Čertovskej ultratrail. The route will mainly follow tourist signs. GPX will be available for navigation.

Parameters of individual stages:

StageLength kmElevation m+
Total666 km11962 m+
5-8 stage314 km6613 m+

Timer: chip timer and GPS tracker, in the online map it will be possible to follow the completed routes of the competitors together with the marked track.


  • 8 stages – individuals – EUR 250 / person
  • 8 stages – pairs – EUR 380 / pair
  • 8 stages – 3-person relay – EUR 510 / relay
  • 4 stages – individuals – EUR 210 / person
  • 4 stages – pairs- EUR 300 / pair

The entry fee includes:

  • pre-race banquet in Mělník on Friday 31 May 2024
  • a practical gift with the race logo in the starter pack
  • chip lending, timing and split times
  • GPS tracker rental and online tracking
  • start number with name
  • provision of usually 3 refreshment stations at each stage – collection of prepared packages of competitors, and at least water and an ionic drink
  • transportation of things from the start of the first stage in Mělník to the center of the race in Hamr na Jezeře
  • bus transport from Hamr na Jezeře to the start of selected stages (8th stage Houska Castle)
  • pasta party the night before the last 8th stage
  • at the finish line of the 8th stage unlimited food and drink – beer, non-alcoholic beer, limo, tortillas, tomato soup, pancakes, homemade cakes,…
  • 5 refreshment stations on the route of the 8th stage – water, kitl (juice), ionic drink, cola, beer, fruit, raisins, salted nuts, chocolate, homemade cakes, bread with homemade lard, salt
  • prepared track with a length of 666 km, the last 8th stage 66.6 km thoroughly marked with „milk“ and arrows
  • free ticket to Houska Castle
  • discounted admission to Bezděz Castle
  • and more…


When registering for the race, you can order accommodation directly in the center of the race in the Zátiší camp on Hamr na Jezeře (cabins, apartments) and half-board in the Steak Grill & Bistro restaurant, which is part of the complex. Competitors can arrange accommodation themselves and elsewhere according to their own needs.

The organizer does not provide accommodation before the start from Friday to Saturday 1 June 2024.

Price list for accommodation in the Zátiší camp:

  • 4-bed classic camp cabin with terrace, common sanitary facilities in the area – EUR 27 per night for the entire cabin – 26x
  • „shared cabin“ – option to order half of a 4-bed cabin – EUR 14 per night for half of a cabin
  • 2-bed cabin – EUR 27 per night for the entire cabin – 1x – reserved
  • apartment – 4-bed one-bedroom room with kitchenette, bathroom and terrace – EUR 55 per night for the entire apartment – 6x
  • house – 4-bed two-bedroom house with a large kitchen, bathroom, living room and terrace – EUR 90 per night for the whole house – 1x – reserved
  • place for a caravan/camper with the possibility of connecting to electricity – EUR 17 per night

Meal price list: approx. EUR 15/half board (breakfast in the form of a buffet, dinner in the form of a buffet, i.e. free selection of food of your choice). In the registration form, the competitor only states his interest in half-board. Meals will be paid only at the presentation.

Some things are difficult only because we don’t dare to do them.


  1. Each participant runs the race at his own risk.
  2. The age of the participant is at least 18 years or the consent of legal representatives is required.
  3. The competitor carries mandatory equipment with him: a container with a drink (min. 1l), his own cup for drinking at the refreshment stations, a mobile phone with the Záchranka application, a safety foil or suitable clothing in case of bad weather.
  4. Competitors may only move along the race route (see race map) – relates to 8th stage. During the other stages, the competitor is obliged to stick to the race route, in case he runs off it, the route must not be shortened or simplified (terrain, profile).
  5. Between the individual refreshment stations, the competitor may not receive help from a third person – relates to 8th stage separately.
  6. The organizer reserves the right to stop the race at any time or to respond to unforeseen situations in order to ensure the safety of all competitors (windstorm, sudden changes in weather, thunderstorm, etc.).
  7. If the organizer does not obtain all necessary permits, the race will be canceled and the entire entry fee refunded.
  8. Competitors must comply with road traffic rules according to Act 361/2000sb – Road Traffic Act.
  9. Participants are obliged to fully respect the environment of the region, in particular by not throwing garbage on the path, tearing flowers and disturbing wild animals. The event takes place on the territory managed by the state enterprise Lesy České republiky, these are also your forests, let’s be considerate here.
  10. The competitor is informed that no special insurance was taken out by the organizer to compensate the damage caused to the participant in connection with our competition.
  11. If the competitor is taking medication, suffers from allergies or other relevant information in case of treatment, he is obliged to state these facts on the other side of the starting number, including the contact details of a person close to him.
  12. By registering for this race, each participant agrees to the publication of his personal data to the extent necessary for the start lists and results on the race website, on running websites collecting race results and in the ITRA and UTMB system. During the event, news photographs will be taken to inform the public about the race, account of subsidies for the event, etc. in accordance with §89 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code. In addition, photographs may be taken here for the personal needs of the competitors, for the promotion of the association, from the announcement of results, from the course of the race, the finish line, etc. In case you do not agree to the photographing, let the photographer know this explicitly.